Northern China Undergoes a Major Shift from Coal to Electric Heating: 150 TWh Added Annually in 2030?


Category: Buildings

Location: China

GSEP member: SGCC

By the end of 2017, State Grid had completed 18,000 electric heating projects in Northern China, reducing the coal burned in one heating season by 15 million tonnes.

At the end of 2017, ten government agencies jointly issued a plan for 2021 on clean heating in Northern China, including heat pumps, biomass, solar energy, natural gas, electricity, clean coal and industry waste heat. The main targets are for the penetration level of clean heating in Northern China to reach 50% by 2019 and 70% by 2021. National targets for electric heating will reach 150 million m² in 2021 (distributed electric heating, electric boilers and heat pumps) implying 110 TWh of added electricity consumption.

State Grid estimates that if all household heating in Northern China was transferred to electric heaters by 2030, the added annual electricity demand would be 150 TWh.

Location: China

Location: China

GSEP members: SGCC,