Mission to Haiti underway to distribute 10,000 solar lanterns

November 6, 2013

The second half of GSEP’s commitment to distribute 50,000 solar lamps kicked off with a mission to Haiti to visit the distribution and service centers of our local partners on site. As one of the pledges made in support of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, GSEP has already placed 25,000 portable solar lanterns in Uganda, Rwanda, Nepal and Haiti in partnership with the Global BrightLight Foundation (GBLF).

In Haiti, GSEP and GBLF are working closely with EarthSpark and its local subsidiary Enèji Pwòp, to give access to a clean source of lighting to off-grid families in rural areas by providing a total of 10,000 lamps. The lamps distributed in Haiti are available to beneficiaries through a purchase program in order to ensure that they take ownership and responsibility for the lanterns and their care. Furthermore, this design supports the development of local entrepreneurs involved in the distribution of these affordable solar lamps.

"With the help of GSEP and GBLF, we will be able to provide access to renewable energy sources in Haiti. The lamps sold through our Haitian brand Enèji Pwòp provide our retailers with a source of income while providing end users a source of cleaner and affordable light. Furthermore, revenue from the sales of these lights will go back to a revolving inventory fund that will help us expand our operations to other places in need in Haiti. This would not be possible without the help of GSEP and GBLF." - Rachel McManus, Country Director - Haiti, EarthSpark

"Since I started distributing lamps, I have been able to receive a little bit more money for my family and have helped others with clean light." - Lecene  Zamoir, Enèji Pwòp retailer in Port Salut, Haiti