2015 Rio de Janeiro Summit

The Rio de Janeiro Summit in June 2015 was hosted by Eletrobras. Topics included how utilities are finding new ways to engage with consumers, communities, civil society, environmental groups, and investors to promote sustainable development in today’s fast-changing environment where technology innovation takes center stage. Heads and representatives of GSEP member companies joined distinguished guests from the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil and the Brazilian National Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) to discuss how to increase engagement of these different stakeholder groups in order to drive long-term sustainable business success. Terry Tamminen, Chief Strategic Advisor for R20, opened the Summit by moderating a candid exchange with the CEOs where discussions centered on the progress made so far by the energy sector and the challenges that remain as we move towards a more sustainable future. He also outlined the important role GSEP as a pool of prominent experts can play in helping lead the energy transition.