Hydro-Québec and social acceptability: a daily target

Date: December 5, 2017

Presented by:

Marie-Hélène Lacroix, Environmental Performance Advisor, Hydro-Québec

Duration: 25 minutes


Social acceptability is a dynamic notion influenced by many aspects in a given historical, political, economic, environmental and social context, which has to be considered at the very first stages of any project likely to have an impact on surrounding communities. With thousands of projects carried out every year including major infrastructure projects, Hydro-Québec (a GSEP member company) has long-time experience in social acceptability and stays on top of international best practices in the field. This webinar presents what Hydro-Québec is doing every day, as well as the fundamental principles guiding its actions in its quest to achieve social acceptability for its projects and activities.

About the speaker

Marie-Hélène Lacroix

Marie-Hélène Lacroix is an Environmental Performance Advisor at Hydro-Québec. She holds a degree in political science from McGill University and a master’s degree in environmental studies from Sherbrooke University. Marie-Hélène has been working on social acceptability and public participation at different levels for the past 10 years at Hydro-Québec. Her belief is that considering and mastering the art of social acceptability is one of the key factors in developing projects adequately and efficiently at the local and international level.